Top Ten Wrestling Finishers of the 1990's

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10. Goldberg - Spear

One of the most crippling finishers belongs to Goldberg. After going into a football stance, he would charge across the ring and spear his opponent into oblivion. The 1-2-3 count by the referee was always a guaranteed given at that time.

9. Hulk Hogan - Leg Drop

Although not a spectacular finishing move, it still is seen as one of the most popular. With his opponent in the middle of the ring, Hogan would announce to the crowd that the match was done and then devastate his opponent with a single leg drop, knocking the wind out of their lungs.

8. Undertaker - Tombstone Piledriver

When Undertaker was still known as the Dead Man, he was one of the most feared wrestlers in his era. A lot of this had to do with his finisher - The Tombstone. He would hoist his opponent so that their legs were above his shoulders and he would reverse piledrive them into the ground, knocking them unconscious.

7. Ric Flair - Figure Four Leg Lock

A painful and technical submission move, Flair would lay his opponent in the middle of the ring and apply the figure four leg lock on them. Although it did not look very painful, anyone who ever was on the receiving end of one, still has nightmares about that day.

6. Mr. Perfect - Perfect Plex

Legend has it that only Hogan was able to kick out of this suplex. When Perfect hoisted you over his back and got into the bridge (while locking your legs in his grip) there was no way to escape the 3-count pin fall.

5. The Rock - Rock Bottom

The Rock Bottom, simply one of the most electrifying moves in wrestling. In the middle of the ring, Rock would elevate his opponent into the air by using his right shoulder and then powerslam them into the ground.

4. Macho Man - Flying Elbow Drop

Randy Savage would climb to the top of the turnbuckle and elevate himself high into the air before ramming his elbow into his opponent's neck, knocking the air out of them. The forefather of the high flying finishing moves of today.

3. Razor Ramon - Razor's Edge

A unique powerbomb in that Razor Ramon would hoist his opponent high into the air and hold them above his head for a few seconds, before powerbombing them onto the mat. This would require a lot of strength and finesse on the Bad Guy's part.

2. Bret Hart - Sharpshooter

Considered the finest technical wrestler of all time, The Hitman would use his Sharpshooter submission lock in the middle of the ring, not allowing his opponent to reach the ropes to escape. A difficult maneuver to properly execute, Bret Hart had the perfect height and agility to pull it off.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Stone Cold Stunner

Previously known as Stunning Steve Austin, Stone Cold would incorporate his old nickname into his finisher. After kicking his opponent in their stomach, he would apply a shoulder jaw-breaker, knocking his opponent out cold. After that Austin would cuss them out and let them know that Austin 3:16 was the law of the wrestling world.

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