Ronald Reagan's Hairline

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Who was Ronald Reagan

Reagan was born on February 6th 1911 in Illinois. He died on June 5th 2004 in California.

During his early life he was a film and TV star. Even though Reagan was an entertainment star in the 1930's, 40's and 50's, his true calling came when he decided to become a politician.

The budding politician eventually became the Governor of California in 1967 and the President of the United States in 1981.

The impact of Ronald Reagan's Hairline

Many younger and older men have always wondered how he was able to keep such a youthful hairline. This has been asked since the 1930's, especially with baldness increasing year by year.

However when Reagan matured into older age, his juvenile hairline was still intact. This surely helped him to become a famous politician, eventually propelling him into the presidency and becoming one of the most powerful people on earth.

The question many people ask themselves is if Reagan were bald, would he still have been successful in life; in our opinion he would have had a much harder time. During the 1980 presidential election, his opponent was Jimmy Carter, a man with a lightly receding hairline. Amongst other factors, this helped Ronald Reagan to win 44 states, due to getting most of the votes from women and men alike. Women liked his ruggedly handsome good looks, combined with his superior hairline. Men wanted to look like him; mature, yet with a youthful hairline.

Many political world leaders also showed him more respect, due to his looks, and out of respect and admiration of his hairline. Coupled with his no-nonsense approach, he was one of the most powerful men in the 1980's and even after death is remembered as a cultural icon and one of the most beloved Presidents in American history.

The trials and tribulations of Ronald Reagan

In 1981 Reagan survived an assassination attempt and in turn his popularity with the American public grew to enormous heights.

Also in 1981, the federal air traffic controllers went on strike. Reagan ordered them to return to their jobs and when they refused he fired more than 11,000 of them. The supervisors were assigned the task of doing their jobs until new employees could be hired.

Reagan had many more trials and tribulations, and he was able to navigate through them, making him one of the most popular U.S. presidents.

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