How to build eBay Feedback fast

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Every day people register and expect to make a lot of money on eBay as beginners selling their items online. 90% fail, because they don't have a startup plan. The biggest issue is not having enough positive feedback. Once a potential buyer sees that you do not have a high rating, they will immediately think that you are a beginner or even worse a scam artist. Just below is a tip on how to start selling on eBay...

The eBay feedback method

We would suggest that you buy 10 ebooks on eBay for around $2 each (from a DIFFERENT seller each time) and once they have emailed you the eBooks, you immediately leave a positive feedback for them.

After that, you email each and every one of the sellers and ask them to also trade a positive for you. That should give you a +10 feedback within 2 days. Not bad for a beginner.

Then you start selling some low valued items for around $3 each ... that way you are sure that buyers will bid on your items, even though you have a low positive feedback and are a beginner. After selling the 10 smaller items, you should have a +20 feedback within several weeks, depending on shipping time. Again, not bad for a beginner ;-)

Now if a potential buyer checks your items for sale, they will see a +20 rating (100%) and they will also notice that NOT all of it is from sellers. The potential buyer/bidder will read positive comments from previous buyers and be more comfortable. They can trust you. Trust is the most important factor on eBay. Remember that the buyer is not able to see you or the item face-to-face, so seeing positive reviews from other people will make them feel at ease and they won't even care that you are a beginner.

Now you can start increasing the quality of the items you are selling and be assured that there will be more bids on your items. When you started out a couple of weeks ago as a beginner, there was the same amount of potential buyers looking at your auctions, but they were not comfortable enough to bid on your items. But now you have given them reason to like you as an eBay seller (remember the +20 100% feedback?)

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